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Drywall partition

After marking, you can begin to mount the plasterboard partition wall. When there is no doubt in the ideal quality of the markings, you can begin the process of fastening the guiding profiles for drywall. It is mounted to the very foundation with usual dowels (which are designed for "stone"...

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Repair of washing machines at home

Imagine, while the Soviet Union sent a man into space, the United States was already using automatic washing machines with might and main. We learned about such a necessary thing relatively recently. But no one is surprised how quickly "automatic machines" gained popularity. Now such a washing machine is an...

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Building a mezzanine

The mezzanine - an integral part of any apartment. It is intended for storage of various things. Types of mezzanines differ between stationary (above the ceiling in the hallway or kitchen) and furniture (as the top of your chiffonier or closet). A furniture mezzanine is usually used to store things...

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Construction of cottages

Construction of cottages in Ivanovo Turnkey houses are by far the most economical option for building a home. That is why many clients are happy to try to purchase ready-made premises for houses, realizing that it is profitable both in terms of price and how much nerves and health can...

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Preparing for the heating season in the Far East

Perhaps the main task for the new administration of Primorye is to prepare for the coming winter. This issue attracts government attention every year. And every year on the topic of the heating season, everyone is so fed up with debates. After all, the problem is much bigger than just...

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Family homesteads — let to the greatness of Russia

Rise to non-economic aspects According to Petrov, Russian agriculture is not limited to the agro-industrial complex - 62 percent of products are grown by the population. And, interestingly, people grow these 62 percent of agricultural products on 2 percent of the land, and the rest of the areas fall into...

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